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MEET FEATURE REQUIREMENTS, SCHEDULE, and BUDGET! Consulting available to teach your organization to apply this methodology and tools for powerful quantitative management of your business processes.

  • Instruction of your staff at your site, using courseware, application example, and a functional template.
  • Mentoring your key staff on an ongoing or periodic basis, on these tools or on Quantitative Program Management.
  • Contracting or Employment in your organization on specific topics.

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Now Live! Overview, Structure , Task Data, Table Design , SQL Server, and Re-Linking now showing.

Video courses covering material on this website, and more, are presented in the playlists.

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Recommended PowerOpI YouTube Channel Course Playlist Progression, with Code Snippets

Playlist Intro Core Advanced Program
Overview OpI_Overview-1.jpg
Structure OpI_Structure-1.jpg
Web Articles:
index/match, sumif

xlookup, xindex, index/xlookup/xlookup
Task Data OpI-TaskData-1.jpg
Table Design OpI-TableDesign-1.jpg
BOM Planned
Dates Planned
SQL Server OpI-SQL Server-1.jpg
Re-Linking OpI-Relinking-1.jpg
Normalization Planned
VBA Structured Reference Planned
Web Article:
Structured Tables VBA
Waterfall and Agile Planned
Web Article:
Waterfall and Agile
System Development Planned
Program Schedule Optimization Planned